The Fatalities of Psalm 83 - 2002 Update 

  Jamma Mokhriby


We are told in Jeremiah 51:27 that the approaching war against Iraq threatened by President George W. Bush will be a war that expands and will draw in other nations. Much more than this, we are warned in Jer. 50:46 that this war will have an effect upon the entire earth! We quote, "At the noise of the taking of Babylon the earth trembles, And the cry is heard among the nations." Never before in history has such a war taken place in Babylon where we are told in Jer. 51:49, "…the slain of all the earth shall fall." The expansion of this war to other countries can be understood by looking at world conditions in light of Bible prophecy.

On May 5, '96 Israeli and Arab leaders met in Egypt (as is prophesied in Isaiah 30:1-3) to conduct talks for Israeli concessions in exchange for more empty promises of Arab peace for Israel.

The discussions included: 1. Plans for the establishment of a Palestinian State on God-given Israeli land, 2. The future fate of Israeli settlers facing the forfeiture of these lands in response to Arab demands and 3. Most importantly, the future control over Jerusalem.

The prophetic Scriptures are saturated with direct and indirect references to the central endtime importance of Jerusalem. It will be in Jerusalem where the Jews will soon rebuild their Temple as is prophesied in Rev. 11:1 and it will be in Jerusalem where they will restore their ancient sacrifices as is foretold in Dan. 9:27. It will be in this very Temple in Jerusalem where the Anti-Christ will seek to be worshipped (II Thess. 2:4).

It is in fact over the issue of Jerusalem that the whole world will gather for the final great war of mankind, which will bring them face to face with the Creator and Judge of all things, Jesus Christ (Zech. 12:3 & 9); and it will be at this glorious City that the Lord will establish His throne (Zech. 14:9-11 & 16-17).

It is highly possible that the credible reports that Israel has already secretly negotiated a future joint religious administration of Jews, Islamics and Roman Catholics over Jerusalem's Temple Mount may include the one concession which an Israeli Prime Minister would need as an incentive for Orthodox Jews to accept this un- Godly plan.

This concession would be a provision for Jews to once more worship on the Temple Mount, which is presently controlled by the Muslims. Worship on the Temple Mount would entail the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple alongside the Islamic Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque - both of which have been established to be presently located in what would have been the original outer court area of the original Temple of God. This incredible fact harmonizes with the Temple prophecy found in Rev. 11:2, which foretells that during the time when the Tribulation Temple is standing the outer court is not to be evaluated for Gods service. The outer court we are told is to be given to the non-Jews. There are no other non-Jews who would demand ownership of the outer court of the Temple in these last days than the worshippers of Islam, whose third most holiest site on earth stands on this exact spot!

It is has been our understanding of Bible prophecy that before this plan is put into motion Middle East peace negotiations will explode into violent warfare, leaving a host of Islamic countries defeated and humbled before the one true God who watches over Israel. This would be the necessary circumstance which would cause the Muslims to accept a Jewish Temple standing along side their centers of worship.

In past messages we have mentioned some of these countries from various prophecies found in the Old Testament. In this message we will be looking at Psalm 83, which consolidates these nations who are destined to become "as stubble before the wind."

The key to this prophecy is found in verses 3-5, "They have taken crafty counsel against Thy people, and consulted against Thy hidden ones. They have said, come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: They are confederate against Thee" (NKJV).

Consider these 3 pertinent facts:
1. The following list of nations had never before in history been in a joint confederation against Israel and had never had a unifying component.
2. This confederacy had to have come into existence since Israel became a nation in 1948. This incredible war has never taken place at anytime before in Israel's ancient history.
3. This confederation against Israel has to in actuality present a unified front personally opposing the very God of Israel - their true bond must be a religious one!

Israel is the manifest, physical evidence that the God of the Bible is the only true God who can fulfill all He has declared.

This prophecy we will be reviewing was recorded centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. The religion of Islam did not come into existence until apx. 600 years after the birth of Christ. Until that time there were no political ties binding the nations of this prophecy together, let alone any kind of religious union. The religion of Islam laid the foundation for "Arab" unity.

Although the fractured religion of Islam has been at odds over theological disputes for centuries, it was not until May 14, 1948 that the prophesied rebirth of the nation of Israel provided the single most unifying element for this prophesied religious alliance.

The present and final status of Jerusalem is a lit fuse that demands the devoted undivided attention of every sect of Islam found upon the planet.

For Israel to be in possession of Jerusalem, or for Israel to exist at all for that matter, on what is believed to be soil belonging to the people of Allah, is a constant attestation that the Bible contains the true Word of God while Mohamed's Koran does not. The entire future of the Islamic faith is at risk because of the existence and standing of Israel.

Consider the fact that all of the following nations we will be listing from Psa. 83, which are prophesied to be defeated, whether they be predominantly Sunnis, Shias or Wahhabis, are still all Islamic nations in 2002. The Koran is the spiritual foundation which they stand upon.


1. The ancient peoples of Edom and Amalek resided in the areas of what is presently known as Southern Jordan and the lower region of the Gaza strip.
2. The Ishmaelites were located in the northern region of modern day Arabia and the area surrounding the modern Arab Emirates.
3. Moab is Jordan.
4. The Hagarenes find their roots through their mother who was Hagar from Egypt. Also perhaps the area of Sudan might be included when considering its ancient affiliation with Egypt.
5. Gebal & Tyre are Lebanon.
6. The modern-day Philistines would find their assimilation in the Palestinians located in the stretch of land called the Gaza Strip.
7. Assur & the children of Lot are Iraq, along with Jordan, joined in a special relationship according to this prophecy. This binding union can be found in other related prophecies and has repeatedly been shown to be unwaveringly true for these latter days. During the Persian Gulf War and continually thereafter, Jordan has defied the UN in its show of sympathy and even allegiance with Iraq. The present King of Jordan has demonstrated an even closer relationship with Iraq than his deceased father did.
8. The name of Assur must also include modern day Syria. This fact is supported by numerous other passages of Scripture. Assur, or Assyria was the powerful ancient world power formed by the uniting of Babylon and Syria. Babylon (Iraq) and Syria were bitter enemies, even up until the Persian Gulf war in 1990. Today this is no longer true as Iraq and Syria have made major political, economic and military agreements between themselves and have cited Israel as a common enemy that must be destroyed.

Pray for these deceived people of Ps. 83 who are about to plunge headfirst into a firestorm of God's fury. The Psalmist shared the Love of God for these, who know not what they do, when in verse 16 he prayed that they may come to know the only true God.

The mention of Iraq in Psa. 83 establishes that the war of Jer. 50 & 51 will spill over to include all these surrounding countries. We can establish this fact because, after the Jeremiah war, Iraq will no longer be a fighting force.

The duel mention of Iraq's defeat in Psa. 83 and Jeremiah confirms the two wars are concurrent since after the soon to take place "Regime Change" in Iraq, Iraq will be negated in any future threat against Israel.

Ezekiel 21:4,5,21, 25 & 27 tells us that in the day of Babylon's destruction a "wicked prince" will appear in Israel and God will continually overthrow the nations until Christ comes. God declares that once His "…sword shall go out of its sheath against all flesh it shall not return anymore."

It is our conviction that the nations will go to war with Israel before the final 7-year covenant of Dan. 9:27 is confirmed by the Anti-Christ.

We believe that it could only be after these Islamic nations are defeated that the Jewish Temple will be permitted to be reconstructed and the Old Testament sacrifices restored.

These developments will logically inspire the unprecedented return of the Jews to Israel in the astounding numbers prophesied to take place in these last days.

An unshakable rumor that the Anti-Christ may actually be the Messiah will complete the delusion that the day of Israel's time of peace and prosperity has finally come.

We believe the escalating situation in the Middle East is a warning to all Christians that the world is on the very precipice of the great war of Psa. 83 and likewise, the Rapturous catching up of the Church to Heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ (see I Thess. 4:13-18).

An interesting exercise can be performed by looking at a world map. After eliminating the defeated nations of Psa. 83, review the Bible passage of Ezek. 38:3-8 which describes Magog (i.e. Russia) and its confederate's future invasion against Israel.

The time is described as a day when Israel has been restored from war and the Jews have returned to Israel from all the nations. At that time Israel is viewed as a refuge of safety.

Now once more looking at the world map, highlight the countries which are listed to unite in the Russian invasion. They are Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer (many scholars suggest this may be Germany), Togarmah (Turkey), and all their bands, (this would most likely include the breakaway Islamic republics of the former Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact nations and the remaining members of the Arab League in North Africa).

As you look at the map of previously overthrown areas you will find that these subdued areas contain the vast majority of the oil wealth of the world. Seventy five percent is the current estimate.

Secondly, notice that the invasion forces of Ezekiel are determined to pillage and to take prey. In other words their objectives are to grab the wealth and litter the ground with victims. The Islamic countries will fulfill the quest for prey by their going to war to take revenge on the Jews, who have nullified the purported divine origin of the Koran by the very existence of their victorious nation and by their Temple standing in Jerusalem. Russia (and Germany?) will be attacking into this vulnerable void in an effort to establish world dominion, which they are convinced can be attained by controlling the world's oil wealth. Their plan to destroy Israel, then loot the region, will fail (see Ezek. 38:4).

These are the last days and we cannot emphasize strongly enough that today is the day to put your faith in the atoning blood sacrifice of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God is everlasting life for those who believe in His Son. Believe and Live.