The Testing of a Divine Covenant 

  Jamma Mokhriby


Dramatic developments with the Israeli government took place in October of 2002. According to the inevitable march of Bible prophecy, Israel needed to break out of its compromising mentality in preparation for the war of Psalm 83 with her neighbors.

On Oct. 31, '02 the Denver Post article which headlined, "Labor ends coalition with Sharon" reported on the dissolution of the dovish Labor Party from the Sharon government and how the religious right and hard-line Likuid Party will fill the vacancies.

The central issue that caused the Labor Party to depart Israeli's cabinet is Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to boost the funding of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This was a powerful signal to the members of labor that the giving up of Israeli land, which they so heartily endorse, was coming to an end.

One point is continually stressed by the world concerning the attaining of peace in the Middle East and that is that Israel must give up its land to survive, no matter how absurd the counter offer.

The U.S. - brokered Wye River land-for-peace agreement is a prime example. One of the conditions laid out for Palestinian President Yasser Arafat to acquire more of Israeli land was that the PLO remove from their charter, passages which called for the destruction of Israel and recognize her right to exist.

This has never been done.

It is now reported in the Nov. 2, '02 Colorado Springs Gazette that Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz, who have both called for removal of Arafat, have been asked to join Ariel Sharon's new government. Once they accept, the article stated, "the new cabinet will be…the most hawkish in Israel's history" ("Sharon taps Netanyahu for top post in cabinet"). As of the second week of November both men have accepted.

Alongside of Israel lies Jordan which received Jewish land in another brokered peace known as the Camp David peace agreement.

The Camp David treaty also required Israel to give up land in exchange for a pseudo peace with Egypt which more realistically should be defined as a temporary cease-fire.

Keep in mind that all of these peoples have repeatedly attacked and lost instigated wars with Israel in the past, yet it is Israel which is continually pressured to sacrifice of herself for peace.

The question which needs to be answered is, "Why does world peace depend upon a country no bigger than Rhode Island dividing up its minuscule portion of land to no less than 4 countries and a fictitious nation?"

The vying for control over Israel's capital Jerusalem, by a number of other special interest groups must be included while considering this unprecedented land grab.

The answer is of tremendous spiritual importance. There is something unique beyond words found in Genesis Ch. 15. It is the presentation of an awesome, unretractable covenant. God did something unique in Bible history. He made an eternal covenant with a particular nation and then bound Himself to fulfill it with the most solemn of oaths to ever be seen upon the earth until Jesus Christ died on the cross.

After promising Abraham that his descendents would inherit the land now known as Israel in Gen. 12:7, 13:5 & 15:7, God then subjected Himself to the oath of a divine covenant as is recorded in Gen. 15:8-18.

When this oath was made by men animals were cut in two as a sacrificial offering and then the covenant was to be made while walking in a figure 8 pattern between the sacrifices.

So sacred was this particular promise being made by God that He could not participate in this oath with any mortal man. Instead of making this oath with Abraham, God walked between the sacrifices with Himself in the appearance of a smoking oven and a burning torch as is recorded in verses 17-18 of Gen. 15.

Failure of this covenant is impossible because this is an oath solely made between God and Himself. Mankind has no part or influence over the fulfillment of what God has secured.

Included in this promise from God is that the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob are to inherit the land "From the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates" (Gen. 15:18) and that they are to inherit this land "forever" (Gen. 13:15).

No man, whether he be an Arab, an American, a European or even a Jew can stop this prophecy from being fulfilled. Those who try are foolishly at odds with the most solemn of oaths made between Almighty God and Himself.

Any man who attempts to divide the nation of Israel is in direct defiance of God's will. It is because of these defiant ones that God has declared to Abraham in Gen. 12:2-3, "I will make you a great nation; I will bless you…I will bless those who bless you, and curse him who curses you."

It is fascinating to note that God's solemn covenant with Israel demands for her to inherit the promised land while all the world's peace agreements being forged demand that she give the land up!

The world is on a collision course with the Creator who never lies and never fails.
Many false teachers claim that Jesus Christ broke God's covenant with Israel during His first coming due to Israel's failure to receive Him. This is a teaching from those who would curse Israel.

Once more it needs to be stressed that the oath God made with Israel is unconditional and unbreakable. It is precisely for this reason that mankind had no part in God's land grant covenant so that the covenant could never fail because of the frail and sinful condition of men.

It is a certainty that the prophesied covenant of Daniel 9:27, which will be confirmed then broken with Israel by the Anti-Christ, will involve the dividing up of the land of Israel and a challenge to her covenant relationship with God the Father of their Messiah Jesus Christ.

At present, but not for very much longer, God is preparing another promised land inheritance…the land of His glory in Heaven where the blood-washed believers in His Son Jesus Christ will soon rest from their labors and will call their Home.

The covenant for this promise was secured on the cross when Jesus the Son of God shed His own precious blood for the redemption of mankind.

Not very far down the road less traveled the faithful who look to the Son of God for their salvation will hear the heavenly trumpet sound. The rugged path they once traveled will be abandoned and the doors of Eternal Glory will be opened to receive them when they are caught up to Jesus at the event known as the Rapture (I Thess. 4:15-18).

The Scriptures tell us, And for this they "confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth" (Heb. 11:13). Jesus had told them, "I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also" (Jn. 14:2-3).

Trust in the atoning blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and the unbreakable promises of God will be yours this very day.

God's Word declares, "…The word is near you, even in you mouth and in your heart (that is the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." (NKJV, Rom. 10:8-9).