Rally around the Flag at Babylon

Jamma Mokhriby

It is recorded for us in Genesis Ch. 11 how mankind made his first attempt to establish a one-world government apart from God by initiating a planetary project at Babylon.

Saddam Hussein has rebuilt the city of Babylon in these very days upon its original site in Iraq.

According to the bible prophecies found in Chapters 50 & 51 of Jeremiah another planetary project at Babylon, Iraq will be witnessed as the nations of the world join together to destroy her in these last days.

The drumbeat for war with Iraq grows stronger with each passing week. On Nov. 23, '02 the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the presidents of Russia and the United States issued a statement calling on Iraq to "cooperate fully and unconditionally" with the UN resolution for disarmament "or face serious consequences" (Putin puts Bush on spot…).

The article also reported that on Nov. 21, '02 "all 19 NATO leaders voted to support the UN resolution and vowed to take "effective action" to help the United Nations enforce its mandate to disarm Iraq."

God has foretold in Psalm 83 that someday soon a catastrophic war will take place in the Middle East and in Chapters 50 & 51 of Jeremiah the Lord reveals that Iraq will play a central role in this conflict.

Elite rulers on earth believe that a major war is essential to consolidate and bring to fruition the effective power of the United Nations. It appears very likely that the soon to take place war in the Middle East will satisfy the need for this conflict and will be the fulfillment of God's word for the close of the age.

While the first attempt to establish a one-world government began at Babylon with an extravagant building project, the close of this age, according to Jer. 51:27 & 37, will be distinguished by efforts to establish global union through the utter decimation of Babylon. "Set up a banner in the land, blow the trumpet among the nations! Prepare the nations against her, Call the kingdoms together against her…Babylon shall become a heap, a dwelling place for jackals, an astonishment and a hissing, without an inhabitant."

The Hebrew word for banner or standard is NEC (nace) and refers in this prophecy to a point of union and rally such as around a common flag.

In the superbly documented book The Unseen Hand by A. Ralph Epperson, Mr. Epperson exposes how a frightening confrontation of war has been carefully planned to take place.
In his book, official documents are quoted from which leave no room for doubt that men who manipulate the governments from behind the scenes have the determined goal in progress to bring about a one world economic and political system.

A devastating, contained war that is to raise the very real prospect of nuclear annihilation and massive contamination is the catalyst intended to unify the world.

The assumed manageable war is to be carefully orchestrated so as to panic and catapult mankind into accepting a one world government to assure that nothing like this vision of Armageddon will ever take place again.

According to the document "Freedom From War - State Department Publication #7277" we read in The Unseen Hand page 370 what is planned to take place in the first stage of 3 stages after this limited war brings about a Middle East peace plan.

We quote, "The first stage would significantly reduce the capabilities of nations to wage war by reducing the armed forces of the nations; the nuclear capabilities would be reduced by treaties; and UN "peace-keeping" powers would be strengthened."

Bible prophecy supports Mr. Epperson's information that a global situation will soon arise which will mobilize a desperate effort to solidify a one-world government through an offer of peace for the world.

God's Word declares in I Thess. 5 that no sooner then "when they say peace and safety! Then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape."

Soon after this peace treaty is signed and Israel and the surrounding nations disarm, the Russian invasion of the Middle East described in Ezekiel 38 & 39 will take place.

The world government movement will look on dumbfounded at this betrayal of their illuministic plans.

God Himself, according to Ezek. 38 & 39, will halt this invasion. The Lord reveals that He does not stop Russia and its allies as any special favor for the world government and its leader, but because these armies will be set on destroying the apple of His eye, the nation of Israel.

After Russia and its combined forces are decimated by the supernatural hand of God Almighty, the leader of the one world government will apparently receive credit for this great victory and will even be considered a candidate by the Jews as their prophesied Messiah.

Bible prophecy suggests that this coming dictator will play up his Messiah impersonation by arranging for the Jews to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and by permitting the restoration of their ancient system of worship complete with animal sacrifices.

There is substantial documentation to show that elaborate and intricate preparations have already been made towards this goal. After just 3 ½ years into a strengthened 7-year covenant between Israel and her enemies, the world leader will turn upon the Jews with an even greater holocaust than was perpetrated by Hitler.

Scripture tells us that he will declare himself to be God and forbid worship of the only true Lord of Heaven and God's only Son Jesus Christ (II Thess. 2:2-4 & Rev. 13:6-7).

This man commonly referred to as the Anti-Christ will then attempt to enforce a compulsory system for branding every human being on earth with a mark upon their right hand or forehead. It is at this mid-point of the 7-year covenant when God will pour out His wrath upon the Christ-rejecting world for the final 3 ½ years before the return to earth of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Those who have accepted God's free gift of salvation through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ will escape and be delivered from experiencing the time of tribulation by the event commonly referred to as the Rapture (I Thess. 4:15-18).

The redemption of the Lord is assured for any person who comes to Him for the forgiveness of their sins. The Creator of the world, Jesus Christ, who lives in everlasting glory, grants eternal life to all who will believe in Him and will wash away their sins forever by His own precious blood, which He shed on the cross.

Why it is that we here at this ministry feel that the developing Iraqi confrontation could be the war which will prepare the stage for the Anti-Christ and the 7-year peace plan is based upon the following points.

First, the location of the approaching warfare is in the appropriate region.
Secondly, the weapons feared will be used are of sufficient threat to generate the anticipated global destabilization.

It was reported in the August of 1990 that part of the U.S. contingency plan under study against Iraq includes the first ever use of neutron warheads. The killer radiation of the Neutron bomb destroys life, not property.

In 2002 it was reported that President Bill Clinton also seriously considered using atomic weapons.

Thirdly the timing, which Scripture shows is very late, makes the present situation the ideal opportunity to orchestrate this planned limited war of global terror.

Then last, Bible prophecy reveals three distinct manifestations of ancient Babylon are to be destroyed in these last days.

First is to be the geographical location of ancient Babylon, which un-coincidentally just so happens to be located in modern-day Iraq.

God declared in Jeremiah 51:62-64, that Babylon would be destroyed and never inhabited again. Babylon's existence in 2002 proves that this prophecy has never been fulfilled.

Of great significance is that Iraq's Saddam Hussein has rebuilt this city of ancient Babylon and even started to rebuild the Tower of Babel just before the Gulf War began in 1991. It was this very same architectural effort which provoked God to intervene in Babylon's attempt to establish a one-world government in ancient times (see Genesis 11).

Secondly, there is the Babylonian religious system and headquarters that God will destroy in the middle of the 7-year treaty (see Rev. 17:15-18).

Then last will come the destruction of the Babylonian kingdom itself and its enslaving economic system (see Rev. 18:1-8).

There is in evidence a prophetic urgency and symmetry for God to fulfill the destruction of the original location of Babylon at the beginning of the final 7-year Tribulation Period, especially when it is at this particular time in history that Babylon was being restored as a clear challenge to His word and sovereignty.

Man's historical attempt to defy his Creator and replace God as the ruler of the earth has come full circle. One by one the pillars of what appeared to make Babylon great will fall before God.

These are the last days that Jesus and the prophets said would surely come. You can believe in the Bible prophecies of God. And He declares that Hell awaits the unsaved and that there is salvation in no other name than Jesus Christ.

Believe today and live in glory forever.

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