Which came first, the Alien or the Clone?

  Jamma Mokhriby

Quoting from a Dec. 27, '02 Denver Post article which headlined, "Religious sect claims cloned human born" we read the following: "A religious sect that contends space travelers created the human race y cloning themselves said Thursday that it would announce today that the first cloned human baby has been born.

A representative of the group, known as the Raelians, said the announcement would be made at a news conference by Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, who directs a Bahamian company formed to clone humans and is scientific director of the sect.

Boisselier's spokeswoman, Nadine Gary, would give out little information but said the baby had been born by Caesarean section and was a clone of the woman who gave birth to her…

This year, three groups - a fertility clinic in Italy, an embryology laboratory business in Kentucky and the Raelians - announced separately that they were on the verge of overseeing the births of cloned humans. Boisselier said she had five clone pregnancies underway and the first birth was expected before 2003…

Raelians are followers of Rael, a French-born former race-car driver who has said he met a 4-foot space alien atop a volcano in southern France in 1973 and went aboard his ship, where he was entertained by voluptuous female robots and learned that the first humans were created 25,000 years ago by space travelers called Elohim, who cloned themselves.

Raelians consider cloning an opportunity to meld religion and science and say they have 55,000 members…In 1988, Boisselier announced that the group had signed up "about 100" clients who would have to pay $200,000 each to be cloned, and the group later said a couple who lost a 10-month-old child in 2000 had offered a large amount of money to resurrect their child's genes from saved tissue."

We then have this additional information from a Dec. 28, '02 Rocky Mountain News article which headlined, "Expert: Take sect seriously." We quote, "The UFO-loving religious sect that claims to have cloned a baby might be merging science fiction with scientific reality…
Cloning humans is at the heart of the Raelian theology of "scientific creation," which the movement describes as an alternative to both Darwinian evolution and creationism.

Rael, the movement's leader, claims aliens through genetic engineering created life on Earth. He says the ET race is even given a name in the Bible - Elohim - a word he says has been mistranslated as the word "God." The Raelians (pronounced RYE-elians) also say Jesus was resurrected using an advanced cloning technique."

A second clone has reportedly been born to a Dutch lesbian couple by the Raelians according to a Jan. 5, '03 Denver Post article titled, "Second cloned baby born…"

Proof that a clone has truly been born has not been provided at the time this message was written, but the abhorrent experimental cloning itself is not the focus of this message.

Instead, we see the devilish attack on biblical truth and the propagation of the myth of humanoid extraterrestrials as an even greater sign that the end of the age is upon mankind.

Much to the Raelians consternation, Hebrew language scholars will affirm that the name Elohim is in fact the plural Jewish name of God, which harmonizes with the New Testament revelation of the triune nature of the one God.

The Raelian followers would like to have Genesis 1:1 in the Bible read, "In the beginning "extraterrestrials" created the heaven and the earth." It would be interesting to hear where the Raelians believe these aliens first came from. They claim the first born clone is named Eve.

The Raelians then make their attack on the Son of God Jesus Christ, by claiming He was not resurrected by the power of the only true God as revealed in the Bible, but by an advanced cloning technique!

Whether or not a clone is truly produced by this delusional group will have a major impact on their membership.

A remarkable number of people on the earth want to believe in all-knowing aliens who might be saviors.

It should be noted that the Raelians believe that the Elohim are superior aliens who will return to earth only when the entire human population learns of their existence (Denver Post, 12/30/02, "Clone to travel to U.S. today").

If a clone has truly been grown from living tissue then a following of tremendous proportions will gravitate to the teachings of this deceived group, no matter how demented or blasphemes those teachings may be.

Rejection of the Word of God, that man was created by the Lord of Creation, and acceptance instead that mankind is no more than a race of cloned aliens, could quite possibly be factors of tremendous influence in the perilous days ahead.

One of the truly intriguing mysteries found in the Bible's prophetic Scriptures is the revelation that when Jesus Christ the King of kings returns to the earth, the aspiring world dictator, known as the Anti-Christ and his armies will actually dare to believe that they can conquer Christ and His host from Heaven.

Quoting from the Book of Revelation 19:11, 14 & 19 we read the following: "Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses…And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army."

That mere mortals will believe they are capable of defeating God Almighty is mind boggling and yet it is possible that this will be the very imaginings of a demon possessed world which is ruled over by the power of Satan at the close of this age.

Another consideration which presents itself is the possible deception of the masses into believing that they are going to do battle with mortal beings from another planet.

Back in the July 23, 1989 edition of the Gazette Telegraph, in an article which headlined, "Waging Peace," we have this fascinating insight into the thoughts of a man who once held one of the highest offices on earth. We quote, "Former President Ronald Raegan, who called the Soviet Union "the evil empire," came to believe there might be more foreboding enemies. In 1985 when he first met with Gorbachev, he asked the Russian leader to think abut how easy their two jobs might be "if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside the universe." "We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, "he told Gorbachev, "and we would find out once and for all that we really are human beings here on Earth together."

Included in former President Reagen's Star Wars Defense Initiative was the plan for orbiting weapons to have the ability to change their positioning to aim outward towards space in order to defend the earth from any extraterrestrial threat.

President George W. Bush plans on reactivating Star Wars Defense in 2003.

Here we can see how the motive of uniting a global New World Order invites the power mad to utilize the ruse of an alien threat.

Over the years there has been a bombardment of material saturating the medias concerning extraterrestrials. Back in 1996 the blockbuster, sci-fi movie "independence Day" was the cover story of the July 8, '96 issue of "Time" magazine. The movie is about an alien invasion of earth that is thwarted by a united global effort. The perspective given in the article gives food for thought as to why this effects-laden movie was such a hit.

Quoting from "Time" we read, "We are a superstitious species, and we need to look outside ourselves for something larger that will bring either calamity or wisdom or maybe both. This is about belief, not just box office."

The preparing of men's minds for belief in extraterrestrials gained great strides on Aug. 7, 1996. This was the day an announcement was broadcast in the world's medias that NASA scientists had found what they believe was evidence supporting that there had been life on Mars.

The USA Today article of Aug. 7, 1996 which headlined, "Meteorite from Mars hints at life" reported that, "A meteorite from Mars found in Antarctica shows chemical traces of organic compounds deposited in such a way that they could only have come from biological activity, scientists from NASA said."

The conclusion perpetuated by this announcement is that life on other planets is a rather common occurrence.

Men will choose to believe this instead of under reported studies which refute NASA's announcement, on.

One example is the research conducted by the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico. The report was briefly shared in a gazette Telegraph article on Aug. 9, 1996 in an article which headlined, "Mars rock lacks evidence of life." The brief article revealed that a key life fingerprint of biological activity was absent from the meteor.

Biblically, from Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures give absolutely no support to the notion that alien beings live on other planets and in contrast communicates the absolute uniqueness of life (apart from supernatural entities) found only on earth.

Polls taken in the past have shown that 48% of Americans believe UFOs are real and 29% think we've made contact with aliens. Another 48% think there's a government plot to cover the whole thing up.

In perfect tune with the trail of clues apparently being left to lead the world to believe in an alien threat the Gazette article of June 1, 1997, which headlined, "Pentagon 'Aliens were test dummies,'" reveals a report which produced even more suspicion and conviction that there is indeed a cosmic cover-up.

The article stated that "the Pentagon plans to issue a report conceding that alien-like bodies have fallen from the skies over New Mexico. Man-made dummies. Rubbery humanoid-shaped dummies with no body hair, ears or noses. According to the report, the dummies were part of top-secret tests on high-altitude parachuting, plunging to the ground from giant balloons in the 1940s and 1950s…Pentagon spokeswomen Gloria Cales said…that the report…will contain "some surprises, but that the government will stick to its guns that there is no evidence UFOs have ever visited earth."

Since there were no reasonable explanations offered for having kept parachute tests from the 1940s and 1950s classified as "top-secret" until 1997, believers in UFOs understandably had their suspicions of a cover-up reinforced and fueled. An official report of alien-like dummies is in effect, to a believer in UFOs, evidence that the Roswell incident of 1947 was in fact a clandestine UFO operation which continues to be ineffectively covered up.

This followed a 1994 Air Force report which had already planted fertile seeds suggesting a major cover-up when it was reported that what crashed in 1947 at Roswell was not a flying saucer, nor a weather balloon as officially reported by the Army on July 8, 1947, but a top-secret spying device used to detect suspected Soviet nuclear blasts!

The big question is, "Why all the constant revisions and dramatic confessions?" Surely we are not to believe that the innuendo generated by lay UFO investigators because the government did not produce the debris of "wood sticks and tinfoil" reportedly found at Roswell in 1947 has caused the resolve of the Pentagon to crumble after 50 years (Time magazine, June 23, 1997).

The truth of Scripture is that the world will in fact soon be united through the means of some great deception. It is conceivable that this lie will spring forth from the belief in a kind of quantum evolution and extraterrestrial life from other planets.

God pointedly warns us in II Thessalonians 2:11-12 that in these last days He would send a strong delusion to those who have pleasure in unrighteousness and believe not the truth. The Lord will indeed send forth the delusional Anti-Christ at the start of the tribulation as is revealed in Revelation 6:2.

It may well be that fabricated stories of alien activity from the Anti-Christ will also provide an explanation for the disappearance of the millions of true believers in Jesus Christ at the event prophesied of in I Corinthians 15:51-54 known as the "Rapture." He may also use this to explain the visible resurrection and ascension up to heaven of the two murdered prophets we are told of in Ch. 11 of the Book of Revelation.

Without let-up, the entertainment industry continues to turn out more and more skillfully crafted visions of an alien presence to satisfy the desires of a mega growth industry striving to accommodate the insatiable hunger of a voracious audience.

These are the last days that Jesus and the prophets have warned of. Today is the day to put your faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. He shed His blood on the cross so that all who trust in His name will receive eternal life.

Use your faith wisely, the Raelians are alien to the truth.