Turkey's fall from Feast to Famine

 #323 Turkey's fall from Feast to Famine
Jamma Mokhriby

In our message titled, "The Scythians Victories & Defeat" we shared how in Jeremiah 51:27 the names Ararat, Minni and Ashkenaz, which will be part of the coalition that will soon destroy much of Iraq, comprised the areas where we now find the nationalities known as the Russians, the Germans, the Turks and the Iranians.

At present the unity between these peoples does not appear that strong, but very soon it will be very much evident.

Russia has already made great strides in solidifying its relationship with Iran since the days Russia was referred to as one of the "great Satans" by Iranian leaders.

Russia's polarization with Germany and Turkey will soon be strengthened through the conquest of Iraq as is described in Jer. 50 & 51 and will culminate with a joint invasion of Israel during the first 3 ½ years of the Tribulation Period as is revealed in Ezekiel 38:1-6.

In these verses from Ezekiel the names Magog, Persia, Gomer and Togarmah are all ancient names for these exact same peoples - that is the Russians, Iranians, Germans, and Turks.

The modern land of Turkey is the focal point of this message. Saddam Hussein on numerous occasions made threats to attack it as well as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for providing western forces bases from which to operate out of while enforcing designated no fly zones over Iraq.

The likelihood of Turkey becoming an ally with Russia & Germany its old enemy, against Israel during the Tribulation Period can be difficult to envision for those who do not believe Bible prophecy.

Turkey's staunch pro-western stance is impressive. It has been a member of NATO since 1952, permits the United States and Israel to operate out of air bases in its territory, has trained with Israel and has repeatedly submitted itself for membership in the European Union.

Eventually Turkey will make a prophesied turn against the West and will unite with Russia and the Moslem world in a war to annihilate Israel (please see our Message, "Turkey's Split Personality').

Turkey will then be plundered in defeat along with all of those who sought to destroy Israel as is prophesied in Ezek. 39:10.

In notable contrast, the upcoming battle between Turkey and Iraq as is prophesied in Jer. 50 & 51 (specifically Jer. 50:10), produces the complete opposite aftermath for Turkey. Here we are informed by Scripture that on this occasion it will be one of the nations which will be satisfied in victory and will instead be counted among the plunderers.

Back in Feb. 16, 1999 a Denver Post article which headlined, "Iraq threatens Turkish air base" reported that, "Iraq threatened…to attack…southeastern Turkey if American and British jets…continue to patrol northern Iraq." Iraq's vice president's remarks…"followed sharply worded Iraqi threats against Kuwait and Saudi Arabia on Sunday"…Vice President Ramadan warned…"We can reach the dens of evil in Turkey, just as we can those in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia."

According to God's prophetic Word found in Jeremiah 49:7-22 against Edom and Dedan (that is Arabia) and Jer. 49:28-33 against Kedar and Hazor (that is Kuwait), these two nations are surely in line for judgment.

Kuwait's devastation clearly comes from modern-day Babylon, which is in Iraq. Arabia's judgment appears to be less severe and will not be completely destroyed according to Jer. 49:15. Verses 19 & 20 when cross referenced with the Scriptures found in Jer. 50:43-45 (which speaks of the modern-day king over Iraq, suggests the possibility that it could be Saddam Hussein who inflicts damage upon Arabia. Another likelihood is that it will be Israel that shakes the elite world of the Saudi princes as is shown to us in Psalm 83:16-17.

Prophetically, Iraq's threats against Turkey are futile according to God's Word. Turkey will not only survive this war, but will prosper from it.

Turkey almost joined the coalition against Iraq just before the Persian Gulf War began. The Dec. 29, 1990 New York Times article which headlined, "Tensions up between Turkey and Iraq" reported that, "Turkey could become a second front against Iraq if war should break out in the Persian Gulf."

Turkey's direct involvement never materialized in the first stage of the war against Iraq. As the threat of a decisive war against Iraq by the U.S. and a small coalition of nations grows, Turkey had been adamant that it would not contribute militarily in any way to the assault.

As recent as the first week of Jan., 2003 Turkish leaders had even stated that the U.S. would not be permitted to use Turkey's air bases as they had in past operations against Iraq.

Suddenly there has been a change in attitude by Turkey as was reported in a Jan. 18, '03 Rocky Mountain News article which headlined, "Leader pushes Iraq talks; U.S. forces welcome."

Quoting we read, "Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul said Friday that he had embarked on a major diplomatic effort to head off an American-led war with Iraq, calling regional foreign ministers to a meeting next week. Alongside the diplomacy, Turkey also has signed up for a leading role in the effort to oust Saddam Hussein by military means. A Western diplomat here said Friday that Turkish leaders had agreed in principle to allow American air and ground forces to use the country as a base to launch military strikes against Iraq."

On the material plane the inducements for Turkey to assist in the war against Iraq are substantial. Besides a likely share in Iraq's oil riches and U.S. and British support for Turkey to be admitted into the European Union, there is the possibility of a resolution for Turkey's Kurdish dilemma.

One cannot help but hear about the plight of the Kurds and Turkey's ongoing problems with these people who were deprived of having their own country when the region was partitioned.
The Kurdish situation is not overlooked in the Scriptures concerning these last days. In Jer. 51:11 & 28 we find mention of the "Medes" as taking part in the plundering of Iraq. These Medes are identified among the modern-day Kurds.

It is our opinion the Kurds will receive a portion of Iraq to establish their nation of Kurdistan as their plunder when Iraq is defeated. Turkey will no longer have to deal with a Kurdish population fighting to establish their nation on Turkish soil. They will all be satisfied as it is written in Jer. 50:10.

It would appear judicious to share at this time from one of our older messages titled, "The Flooding of Iraq."

"Of significance we believe are the super dams that Turkey has built across the Euphrates River. The dams are so efficient that the mighty Euphrates was shut down to only 25% of its flow on one occasion. The waters are diverted into vast reservoirs located just off the Euphrates in Turkey. It was stated at that time that the flow could have just as easily been stopped entirely.

It is a reasonable consideration that this engineering marvel may be linked to the prophecy found in Revelation 16:12 which foretells of the Euphrates River being dried up in these last days in order so that a way will be made for the great armies of Asia to mobilize into the Middle East for the final great war called Armageddon.

With the recent developments in Iraq in relation to its prophesied destruction in Jer. 50 & 51 and the intricate prophecy of Jer. 51:42, which speaks of a day when Babylon will be flooded by a sea and overwhelmed with waves, we cannot help but to reflect upon the great dams of Turkey.

When looking at a map which shows the location of modern -day Babylon we find no seacoast, but instead find that it is ideally located immediately after the narrowest point where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers come together.

To open the floodgates of the sea-like reservoirs of Turkey would cause total submersion of this vulnerable area.

We searched for indications that Turkey had ever considered using its great dams against Iraq. We found confirmation in a Dec. 17, 1990 exclusive by William Thorn. Though just a brief mention, the report stated that, "Turkey was proposing to use its great dams to divert the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers away from Iraq for a price." The article did not mention the fact that the towering waters of Turkey could also be used as a devastating force of destruction.

Further scrutiny of the prophetic passages of Jer. 50 & 51 give us an even greater consideration as to why the floodgates might be opened. Verse 58 from Ch. 51 tells us that whatever kind of weapons will be used against Babylon will ignite a tremendous fire…A fire so overwhelming that it will cause the nations to grow weary in their labors to extinguish it.

The flooding of the region could very well be included in future fire fighting plans."
In summation, Jer. 50 & 51 clearly reveals Iraq will be involved in an all-out war against Israel and many other nations in these last days.

Iraq will experience an earth shaking defeat (see Jer. 50:46). Turkey, Russia, Germany and Iran are shown in a confederation when this enemy of Israel is defeated in Jer. 51:27.

Jeremiah 50:10 prophesies that all who plunder Iraq shall be satisfied. This dividing up of the spoils of war will take time and outstanding diplomacy. The Anti-Christ may at that time prove he is the man for the task.

Moving on into the future (within 1 to 3 years in our opinion) we find this exact same alliance of Russia, Iran, Germany and Turkey prophesied of in Ezekiel 38:2, 5 &6 participating in another military venture.

This time they are not fighting against an enemy of Israel, but Israel itself is their primary target according to Ezek. 38:8. This invasion is promised to take place during a time of restoration and great peace in Israel. This time though, the G.R.I.T. alliance will fail miserably according to Ezek. 38:22 and will reverse their previous status from being the plunderers to becoming the plundered (see Ezek. 38:10).

Everyone should keep foremost in their mind these 3 points.
1. These alliances and wars have never taken place at any time in history.
2. These alliances and wars are now taking on a final formative pattern.
3. These alliances and wars are to transpire at the very close of the age.


We firmly believe the Word of God reveals to us that the Church will be Raptured to Heaven before the Ezekiel war when Turkey is defeated.

On the other hand, the Jeremiah war against Iraq may or may not be witnessed in its entirety by the Church while on earth.

In either case we know the time is short. To be found worthy and ready to go to Heaven it only takes belief in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, who paid for the sins of the world with His atoning blood sacrifice He gave of Himself upon the cross.

Believe with faith and be ready for the shout and the Trump of God. The Word of God never fails (I Thessalonians 4:13-18).