Jeremiah 50:38-46

 Jamma Mokhriby


Continuing our study on Chapters 50 & 51 of the Old Testament Book of Jeremiah and its revelation for us in these last days, we pick up where we left off in verse 38 of Chapter 50.
Verse 38 foretells of a drought that will soon afflict the land of Babylon, Iraq. So great will be this drought that we are told her waters will be dried up.
The two greatest sources of water for Iraq comes from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which run the length of the country.
For such a catastrophic drought to afflict this specific area of the world as is prophesied in this Scripture, the two mighty rivers of Iraq which flow down from Turkey and Syria would have to be cut off.
In past messages we have shared how the massive dams built by Turkey can not only stop the flow of water to Syria and Iraq, but also how Turkey had been approached by the US and its allies to do precisely this very thing if the need for such an action should ever arise.
In the past, the nation of Turkey was willing to avail itself to such an undertaking, but only if the price was right. We foresee by Jer. 50:38 that the need will someday soon arise for the closing off of Turkey's dams and that whatever the price demanded, it will be paid.
God then concludes verse 38 by once more speaking of the insanity brought on the people of Iraq by their trust in all manner of false gods.
Verse 39 & 40 then presents indisputable proof to the reader which confirms that this destruction of Babylon, Iraq has never before taken place in history.
God prophesies that after this war Babylon will be as inviting to live in as Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighboring cities after God annihilated these places with fire and brimstone.
In contradiction to this prophecy against Babylon, where we are told this city will be void of human inhabitants from generation to generation and forever, present-day Babylon in Iraq has a verifiable historical record of inhabitants living in its midst since the day this prophecy was recorded by Jeremiah. The day of her destruction still awaits.
Verses 41 & 42 of Jeremiah 50 then describes how we will recognize when this final deadly assault is taking place against Babylon. As we will see, the Persian Gulf War in 1991 known as "Operation Desert Storm" and the start of the continuation of this war in 2003 known as "Operation Iraqi Freedom" have not met the prophesied criteria for what will be the final farewell of geographical Babylon.
We are told that this final assault against Iraq will come from her north.
In 1991 the main assault came from a southern based coalition of nations. Again in 2003, although the US and Britain strived relentlessly to establish a northern front, they were forced to resign themselves to the fact that the bulk of their militias would have to attack Iraq from the south.
We are also told in verse 41 that this final assault will be composed of a great nation and many kings which shall be raised up from the ends of the earth.
The US is the prime candidate to date as the great nation being spoken of in this verse, but a Europan nation, which will some day bring forth the Anti-Christ, is a second possibility.
The US, along with Britain, have been the leaders in the past two invasions of Iraq.
The first venture in 1991 had the required element of many kings from the ends of the earth, but the present undertaking as of yet in 2003 does not.
Verse 42 then provides a further difference between what has taken place to date in the war against Iraq and what is to transpire in the future.
We are told that her attackers will be cruel and will show no mercy. Although war is inheritantly cruel, the past engagements have shown a measurable level of restraint and mercy. Continual offers and delays for avoidance of war were made, attempts to avoid civilian casualties were vigorously pursued and terms for surrender with humane treatment were bountiful.
This will not be the same face of warfare seen when the final assault against Babylon takes place.
We are then told of this war being undertaken by a calvary. The possibility that the horses being spoken of in this verse are symbolic in nature is greatly enhanced by the fact that we are told they are "set in array, like a man for the battle."
This speaks of armor. It is possible that horses could b dressed in a modern-day lightweight armor such as Kevlar, but we have not heard of such an undertaking as of date.
Armored vehicles are another possibility. Armored divisions are still referred to as calvary in this present age. How would one depict a futuristic self propelled armored vehicle that is rated by its horse power when writing of it hundreds of years before Jesus was born?
Verse 42 of Jer. 50 then closes with a direct pronouncement against the "daughter of Babylon," which tells us that God does not recognize this Babylon as the original Babylon of the ancient past, but an offspring standing in place of her mother.
Verses 43-46 then closes out the 50th chapter of Jeremiah with a most disturbing turn of events.
In verse 43 we are told of a great fear which will seize the heart of the present day ruler over Babylon. His uncontrollable fear will arise because of the report he will receive on the great array of kings descending upon him from the north.
The speculation that the taking of Baghdad or Tikrit during "Operation Iraqi Freedom" might trigger this moment of fear in Saddam Hussein, in light of the prophecy found in Jer. 51:31, did not come to pass because once again the taking of these cities did not occur from the north. Both Baghdad and Tikrit, for the present, were taken by an assault originating from the south. It could be that the city of the modern day Nebuchadnezzar spoken of in prophecy, is in actuality the very city of Babylon, or perhaps a second taking of Baghdad or Tikrit from the north. The future will soon reveal the truth of this prophecy.
As a result of Saddam's moment of panic we are told in Jer. 50:44 that he will come up form the thicket like a lion caught in a flood plain. He will direct his panic and rage "against the habitation of the strong."
We suspect this target of his wrath will be Israel.
God then tells us He will temporarily give Iraq a reprieve from her enemies as He causes them to flee from Saddam's scathing attack.
This turn of events is disturbing in light of current events in 2003.
The primary intent given to justify the present conflict was to disarm Saddam of his weapons of mass destruction. To date, none of the vast amounts of these deadly weapons known to be hidden in Iraq have been found. Some event in the near future will galvanize kings from around the world to launch an assault against Iraq from her north. Saddam will then panic and will unleash a counter offensive that will cause them to temporarily flee the area.
Knowing that Iraq does not have a conventional arsenal capable of routing such a vast assembly of nations, we can only conclude it will be at this precise point in time when he will fully disclose and utilize his tremendous store of doomsday weapons. Perhaps it will be the discovery of a cache of these forbidden weapons that will provoke the initial assembling of the vicious northern alliance.
God concludes verse 44 by questioning as to who is the man He will appoint over Babylon in the time of her demise. The wicked ruler is described as a man who is devotedly defiant and proud towards the God of Israel, so much so that he even thinks to arraign the Lord pf Heaven. Saddam's name translates to literally mean, "one who confronts." He has launched several attacks against God's heritage, Israel since her rebirth in 1948 and offered $25,000 rewards to suicide bombers who kill Jews.
He has rebuilt the city of Babylon, held weddings and music festivals within its gates and even started to rebuild the Tower of Babel in an attempt to put God's prophetic word on trial as being false.
Saddam Hussein has made it clear that he is dedicated to repeating the violation of the Jews perpetrated by Nebuchadnezzar when he enslaved Israel.
Saddam Hussein was quoted in the Oct. 12, 1990 Los Angeles Times as stating, "What is most important to me about Nebuchadnezzar is the link between the Arabs' abilities and the liberation of Palestine [that is, the destruction of Israel]. Nebuchadnezzar was, after all, an Arab from Iraq, albeit ancient Iraq. Nebuchadnezzar was the one who brought the bound Jewish slaves from Palestine. That is why, whenever I remember Nebuchadnezzar, I like to remind the Arabs - Iraqis in particular - of their historical responsibilities. It is a burden that should not stop them from action, but rather spur them into action because of their history" (Saddam Hussein Held Hostage by His Obsession with the Arab Myth").
Moving on to verse 45 of Jeremiah 50 we are then shown a clearer picture of why God temporarily aided Iraq by causing her enemies to flee before her in verse 44. God tells us He has purposed Himself against the land of the Chaldeans, which is Iraq.
We are shown that all is being done to accomplish the thorough desolation of the land.
From the beginning of this war we are told how God would use "the least of the flock" to draw them out. The word "least" in this Scripture appropriately fits the countries of Kuwait or Qatar as compared to her Arab family of nations; both have US bases. God then prophesies a dire end for one of these nations along with the desolation of Iraq.
I personally believe Jer. 49:28 details this destruction of Kuwait under the leadership of the modern-day Nebuchadnezzar, Saddam Hussein.
According to Dr. David Hockings, Kuwait's ancient names were Kedar and Hazor. If this is correct, then the prophecy of Jer. 49:33 is yet to be fulfilled in its entirety.
This is ill boding for all who are found residing in Kuwait on the day Saddam exacts his revenge on the nation he holds chief among those he believes is responsible for his disastrous end.
Verse 46 then concludes Ch. 50 of Jeremiah with a prophecy telling of the devastating far-reaching effect of Babylon's fall. The earth will tremble we are told.
This horrendous attack on the comparatively unassuming archaeological municipality of Babylon, Iraq can only mean one thing in our estimation. To use as much force as is described in the prophecies of Jeremiah 50 & 51 against this city would suggest that a major storage or production depot for weapons of mass destruction will be found hidden under the grounds of Babylon.
These are the last days that Jesus and the prophets warned would surely come. Today is the day to come with faith to the Son of God, Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.
We expect to hear the trumpet of God calling the Church to meet the Lord in the air at any moment. There will never be a second opportunity to be counted among this number of glorified saints.
Don't put if off, tomorrow may be too late (I Thess. 4:15-18).