As in the Days of Sodom - 2003

 Jamma Mokhriby


The summer of 2003 has produced a banner year thus far for the proliferation of homosexuality. An accurate evaluation was presented in an Aug. 14, ‘03 Denver Post article which headlined, "TV, real life converge in America's gay moment." "The Supreme Court isn't responsible for the runaway success of "Queer Eye," the first hit for Bravo. And it's unclear whether the first openly gay Episcopal bishop is a fan of the series.
Wal-Mart's new anti-discrimination policy for gay employees isn't related to Bride's magazines groundbreaking feature on same-sex weddings. Nor is Canada's decision to join Belgium and the Netherlands in allowing gay marriage directly linked to NBC/General Electric's agreement to offer domestic partner benefits to all U.S. employees.
Taken together, however, these disparate ideas and events have resulted in a harmonic convergence, a sort of queer synchronicity. Something's going on, and it's very gay.
This summer the entertainment culture and the actual American culture are in synch. The news weeklies, the Nielsen rating households, the Supreme Court, a judge in Toronto and the marketing wizards at NBC all agree: We are witnessing a gay epiphany.
Whether or not you understand the inside jokes on "Will and Grace," whether or not you consider the tacky reality series Boy Meets Boy" a breakthrough, you have to admit that the society has arrived at a sort of queer quorum...TV industry analyst Jack Meyers predicts coming seasons inevitably will produce gay spins on every reality format. Expect queer versions of dating shows, talent shows, gross-out contests, races, moles, Big Brothers and more, given the success of "Queer Eye"...A further evolution in the public consciousness lies ahead and television will once again have a role. This fall, TV will offer a portrayal of homosexuals unthinkable even a few years ago: A pair of gay dads are central characters in "It's All Relative"...Depending on your perspective, television either plays catch-up to reality or leads the way. The entertainment medium grudgingly deals with cultural crosscurrents already affecting lives, or it shoves these ideas onto the radar screens of unsuspecting innocents.
This summer, TV seems neither ahead or nor behind the curve, but right in step with the gay moment."
In 1999 we did an update on our Rapture Watch message titled, "As in the Days of Sodom." We will now share this message to show the prophetic lateness of the hour, the swiftness we are approaching the Tribulation Period and the unrelenting course to destruction mankind is on. A course that was taken once before in the days of Sodom.
In Luke 17:28-30 we are told by Jesus that on the day of His return to the earth He will find mankind living as those who occupied Sodom in the day of their judgment.
In Genesis 19:45 we read of that time when the homosexual population of Sodom attempted to sexually assault two angels of God who had come to the city appearing as mortal men, "Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house. And they called to Lot and said to him, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally."
It was not too long ago in America that to even consider that an entire populace could eventually be given over to such sinful depravity was unimaginable. Yet we are truly witnesses of the sure word of end time prophecy as an entire nation and world is led by dark forces into the depths of perversity.
In 1996 Hawaii initiated approval of homosexual marriages and sent lawmakers throughout the nation scrambling to prepare for the eventual ramifications.
The momentum continued to pick up when it was reported in a Dec. 3, ‘96 article of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph which headlined, "City to demand companies recognize same-sex partners or forget about doing business with the city. A new ordinance [affected] many of the roughly 10,000 U.S. companies that contract with the city to provide everything from banking services to office supplies...The Gap, Levi Strauss & Co. and the Walt Disney Co. already started domestic-partner policies. In San Francisco, Bank of America officials discussed such a policy...The city's Board of Supervisors gave the ordinance unanimous approval...It [was] the first such city ordinance in the nation."
Here we find the institutions of marriage, the family, along with the work place, undermined and overtaken by government-enforced laws which sanction and empower homosexuals.
Another institution of tremendous social impact violated by the growing jurisdiction of homosexual laws were the public schools. This vulnerable enclave of developing adolescents has been subject to relentless infiltration by homosexual activists during the last decade.
A Gazette Telegraph editorial by George Will in the Dec. 6, ‘92 edition brought out aspects of a curriculum for first graders. The curriculum called, "Children of the Rainbow" required that children be taught to appreciate homosexuality. Preschoolers were given homosexual and lesbian coloring books. Instructions in sodomite intercourse were included in the 6th grade curriculum and the curriculum's glossary for kindergarten through the sixth grade includes the defining of a "dental dam" which is a piece of latex used in numerous acts of oral sex.
It would seem impossible that a once morally conscious nation could fail to recognize the twisted form of pedophile seduction being perpetrated by those who would introduce such "education" to young impressionable minds. These are mere children who are held captive in classrooms for most of their developing lives while being forced to trust and believe in their law-imposed mentors.
The last days course is clearly being laid. The world is digressing just as Jesus said in Luke 17:28-30 when in Sodom a day's interpretation of pleasure would not be considered fulfilled unless something innocent and pure was defiled.
The Apostle Paul also prophesied concerning this present behavior of men in Romans 1:22-28 when he revealed that this perversion provokes God to eventually give such people over to debased minds. The evidence is undisputable that elements of the present leadership of the United States are of the most perverse and vile minds imaginable. Mona Charen revealed the depths of this fact in a Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph editorial of Mar. 15, ‘94 concerning the ever expanding Rainbow curriculum. Material contained in the pamphlet written of in the editorial was far too graphic to be printed in the newspaper. The article was then even further edited for use in this message.
In Ephesians 5:12 the Apostle Paul writes, "For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret."
From the editorial titled, "In New York, a lurid curriculum for mere 12-year-olds" we read the following: "The Rainbow Curriculum, has sponsored a so-called "peer-educators" conference organized by the Gay Men's Health Crisis. In the guise of presenting health information, GMHC used the occasion to engage in raw...homosexual propaganda aimed at teenagers...The circulars handed out to junior high and high school students include...instructions in the proper methods for trying...(sexual activity with urine), enemas...scalpels and razors. The section entitled "welts and blisters" advises the kids to "wear latex gloves and be sure to clean your canes, crops, whips, etc...Young men...are told that [sodomite] intercourse is ‘safe' if done with a condom...The conference...was aimed at kids ages 12 to 24 and was held at New York University Medical center...The Board of Education cooperated by posting notices for the conference in high schools throughout the city, by making its office space, computers, fax machines and telephones available to the organizers...The Clinton administration also cooperated by sending its national AIDS policy coordinator, Kristine Gebbie, to participate in a question-and-answer session and deliver the closing address. Parents were explicitly excluded from the conference."
As is to be expected by the revelation of Bible prophecy, the sociological trend towards homosexual saturation will continue until the world duplicates the utter corruption of Sodom at its destruction.
The Denver Post article of June 17, ‘99 which headlined, " asks Clinton to recall" reported that "southern Baptists voted overwhelmingly to urge President Clinton to rescind...the nation's first openly gay ambassador [Clinton appointed homosexual James Hormel ambassador to Luxemburg] in a maneuver that allowed him to bypass Senate confirmation." The S.B. "Convention also rebuked Clinton - for proclaiming June as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month."
Meanwhile the June 17, ‘99 issue of USA Today reported that 100 of the nation's 347 public television stations televised a documentary designed to help teachers initiate discussions which were designed to present and encourage acceptance of homosexuality among their students. The documentary shows children in grades 1-8 favorably discussing homosexuality. Fifty eight more stations considered airing the pro-homosexual programing.
When one turns to Genesis 19 where the account of Sodom's depravity and judgment are recorded, it is noteworthy to see the striking parallel to developments in our modern world. The perversion infected all levels of society, both young and old, while those of purity which remained were aggressively and relentlessly sought out by the Sodomites for defilement. Consequences for their sins and warnings of impending judgment were ignored while the righteous were treated with contempt.
We firmly believe that Jesus Christ will soon remove His Church to Heaven (I Thess. 4:15-18) and will open the seals found in Revelation 5 which contain the terrifying days of God's great wrath.
Today is the day to come go to God with faith in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ who paid the full penalty for every believer's sins with His own precious blood.
Not everyone who is involved in the sin of homosexuality wants to remain trapped in its grip. For those who truly want to be freed from the evil seduction which controls them, Jesus Christ offers the Mighty Power of the Holy Spirit to immediately deliver them from bondage...They need only to come to Him for help in faith.
And as the Lord answered the leper in Matthew 8:2-3 when the man declared, "Lord, if You are wiling, You can make me clean" too will the Lord who "is the same yesterday, today, and forever" (Heb. 13:8), put out His hand to touch them, saying, "I am willing; be cleansed."