Scalar Waves & the Power of the Air

 Jamma Mokhriby


With the yearly escalation of destructive weather found not only in the United States, but throughout the world, we felt we should once more update our message which we first sent out in 1988, "Scalar Waves & the Power of the Air."
On November 14, 1977, the Vancouver (Canada) Province reported that Dr. Andrew Michrowski had proof that the Soviet Union had been playing havoc with Canadian and U.S. weather. The newspaper reported that Michrowski's proof of Soviet weather-warfare attacks against north America is "supported by top scientists" and had been brought to the attention of the Canadian Prime Minister.
In the fall of 1976, the Soviets began sending out the most powerful manmade radio beams ever created. So vast was the magnitude of the Soviet transmission that they jammed various radio frequencies all over the world. Dr. Michrowski reported that the soviet transmission "is something in the region of 40 million kilowatts generating capacity." He added, "To understand how powerful that is you only have to realize the most powerful transmitter the American's ever planned, not even built, was for only two million kilowatts."
[THE ROLE OF NIKOLA TESLA] - Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a pioneer in high-tension electricity. Tesla also wrote of a method whereby weather could be controlled.
In this connection, weather expert Lowell Ponte wrote an article entitled "The killer Electric," which appeared in the August, 1978 Gallery magazine. According to Ponte: "Shortly after the turn of the century, Tesla theorized that by using coordinated radio impulses, it should be possible to manipulate the part of the earth's space up in the ionosphere by generating giant standing waves. These waves, said Tesla, could then be manipulated to change the course of giant wind patterns, like the jet stream, that shape our weather."
C.B. Baker in youth Actions News of July, 1982 brought out this point: "Around 1900, Tesla invented and patented a system of utilizing the earth's natural vibrations to transmit power through the earth without wires." "Tesla's system involved the use of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic cycles per second.
Tesla proved that it is possible to create gigantic standing electromagnetic waves (sometimes thousands of miles long), which can be used to modify the weather and create manmade droughts, floods, and storms. Tesla's giant standing electromagnetic waves can also create long-lasting high-pressure areas."
Quoting from "The Independent American" tax Fax #196 we read the following: "In 1974 a summit conference was held in Vladivostok, at which discussions on weather modification were held. President Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger (CFR), Secretary of State, represented the United States, while Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhenev and other Soviet officials represented the U.S.S.R.
Discussing the meeting, "Don Bell Reports" of March 23, 1979 stated: "Since it was known that Russia was experimenting with weather modification, it was suggested that the two super-powers ‘collaborate,' like they had already agreed to collaborate in outer space exercises. The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were supposed to work together, and apparently did so, but in the Soviet Union! That is, Russia supplied the location and the personnel, while the United States supplied the technology and the equipment."
In accordance with the terms of this Vladivostok agreement, under a federal grant of $3.5 million, a giant electromagnet was built in a plant near Chicago. Weighing 40 tons, and capable of generating a magnetic field 250,000 times greater than that of the earth itself, this was the largest and most powerful electromagnet ever constructed...This marvel of the electromagnet world was loaded onto a giant U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy and, on June 19, 1977, was flown to an airbase near Moscow where it was installed and put into operation in what was supposedly a joint U.S./U.S.S.R. program.
Also, the Carter Administration arranged for the Soviets to have a giant $13 million computer for "weather research." Known as Cyber 76, and manufactured by the Control Data Corporation of Minneapolis, it was far more powerful and versatile than any computer available to the Soviets at that time. It also has many military uses."
There is a book we would recommend be reviewed by the scientifically minded so as to make oneself aware of the awesome forces which will be unleashed upon the world in the not too distant future. The book is titled, "Fer-De-Lance: A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons" and was authored by T.E. Bearden. The book can be obtained (with patience) through the public Interlibrary Loan program.
In his book Mr. Bearden reveals incredible facts about energy weapons which are being concealed from the world's population and institutions of higher learning. On pages 33 & 34 one can read of how modified scalar electromagnetic transmitters are able to produce the extraordinary abilities of what are commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects.
Let me testify at this point in time, with warranted affirmation, that these crafts are real and are not coming from other planets. One form of these crafts, which will be seen in the not too distant future will be as silent running, black triangular shaped airships (with two tower like structures located on top). We strongly suspect that a nefarious lie of them being alien vehicles will be presented to the world as a means of manipulation and control.
Mr. Bearden warns in his book of the tremendous dangers involved with the misuse of scalar wave technology and how an imbalance of the natural exchange of these waves between the sun, moon, and the earth could end in catastrophe.
Mr. Bearden writes, "There is a special time bomb ticking away for all of humanity. For the first time, the total destruction of our entire biosphere – and perhaps our entire solar system – is only moments away from the finger on the trigger.
We have within our grasp the final technology. It is a two-edged sword of nearly unlimited power. We can overcome the cosmos, and conquer physical reality itself – or we can utterly destroy ourselves and our planet. From the tree of knowledge, we have eaten the final fruit that deals with this physical world. We can mold our physical reality as we will, and make of it a utopia or a hell.
Yet in his blindness and ruthlessness, man has now weaponized the very dynamos that run the cosmos. For grubby ideas and lust for power, we have opened the gates of hell incarnate. Our total destruction is held back – momentarily – by a tenuous and frayed thread. We are a heartbeat away from annihilation.
In the meantime, this information has been released in an attempt to galvanize our system into action, develop defenses, and buy some precious time.
But even if we also develop these weapons for defense, with the ordinary thinking Man seems capable of, the end is still inevitable. Delayed a bit, but inevitable. The Russians are not madmen; they do not wish to destroy the earth, but only to conquer it. From a position of U.S. strength, an agreement can be made with the Russians to keep the lid on as far as we are concerned.
But what about other fanatics and madmen? What happens when they get these relatively cheap but incredibly powerful scalar weapons? What do you do about a regime composed of fanatically dedicated persons who believe that glorious death – even of all of them – would immediately propel them to the divine kingdom?
Some lunatic – a mad dictator, perhaps – is going to hurl these things indiscriminately and feverishly for silly ideas boiling fiercely in his fanatical brain. When he throws one that tickles the Sun and the Moon under the chin in the wrong manner, it's curtains for us all."
The October 25, 2003 Colorado Springs Gazette reported that the Earth's average surface temperature during September was the warmest on record. Also during October and December, record breaking electromagnetic storms from the sun bombarded the earth.
Additionally a Dec. 12, ‘03 Denver Post article reported that a large patch of the earth's electromagnetic field has reversed its polarity and is interrupting some satellites and in December it was also reported by scientists that rips have been fund in the magnetic field causing concern that dangerous levels of radiation from the sun now strike the earth's surface in places.
Are these conditions just natural phenomena of an aging solar system or has man's tampering with scalar waves tickled the sun under the chin in the wrong manner as T.E. Bearden so aptly put it?
Ephesians 2:2 tells us that Satan is recognized as "the prince of the power of the air" and Revelation 12:7-13 reveals that he will remain in this position until Christ begins to exercise His dominion and authority midway through the final 7 years of this present age. It should come as no surprise then that a one world government should be formed in tandem to atmospheric manipulations.
For those who seriously doubt that a world government is on the agenda, let us quote from a letter printed in the July 2nd (88) edition of the Denver Post. The letter was mailed in by Robert Downing-Olson of the U.N. Charter Revision Committee as he made direct reference to the drastic changes in our weather - "Through the inevitable process of world government we can meet this challenge [disastrous weather] in the most meaningful way by working together. What now seems to be a curse may become a blessing by bringing the people of the earth together eliminating obsolete nation-states with the creation democratically of a Constitution of World Government. We just happen to have an example of one, if anyone is interested."
In 1996 far mor shenanigans in atmospheric manipulations were forthcoming as persons who are aware of such things as the Alaskan H.A.R.R.P. Project can attest. This project involves manipulation of the electromagnetic properties of the Northern Lights.
T.E. Bearden warned that a startling new physics is being utilized and kept secret in these last days.
We have been forewarned in Revelation 13 & Daniel 7:19-25 that a satanic one-world government will be established with an evil dictator as its leader in these last days. Together with a miracle-working false prophet he will attempt to brand every living person with his mark.
Truth may seem stranger at times than fiction, but truth is the reality and these are the last days that Jesus and the prophets warned would come upon the world. The truth you need to accept today is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and unless you put your complete faith in Him alone for forgiveness and salvation you will surely perish.