The Disloyal Loyalists of Saddam Hussein

 Jamma Mokhriby


On our Feb. 15, ‘04 Rapture Watch hotline we shared the following item, "On Feb. 14, 2004 a St. Valentine's Day massacre took place against Iraqi police on security compounds in Fallujah, Iraq.
National news reported that after months of suicide bombings against Iraqi police, Saturday's attack marked the first coordinated ground assault by guerrillas.
The attack on a police station coincided with a strike against a nearby Iraqi Civil Defense Corp. Compound. The latest report was that 25 police were killed, 40 wounded and an estimated 150 prisoners were set free by the invading forces. Survivors estimated the number of attackers at 50 to 70. The attackers employed a large array of machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to rapidly overwhelm the police force.
The attack was recognized as unprecedented in its scope, cooperation, intelligence utilization and strategy. Military analysts recognize that even though no group has reportedly taken credit for the attack, they are united in their opinions that a tactically well trained army was involved. Everyone from Iranians and Lebanese, to tribal rivalry personal vendettas have been speculated as being behind the attack.
Of special significance to myself regarding my private opinion that the real Saddam Hussein has not truly been captured and remains free and in command of his never located elite Republican guards, along with a vast array of weapons is that, surviving officers of the Fallujah attack have reported that they saw the name of "Hussein" tattooed on the bodies of the few attackers that were slain.
With very little reservation by my studies of Chapters 50 & 51 of Jeremiah, I have strongly put forth that Saddam Hussein remains a free man and is the king of Babylon prophesied to come out of hiding like a desperate lion in Jer. 50:43-44.
Our hotline report of Feb. 15th, which suggested that Saddam's army is intact and active, gained formidable support after the murder an mutilation of 4 Americans in Fallujah, Iraq on March 31, "04 as was put forth in an April 1, "04 New York Times article which headlined, "Events fail to fit theory blaming non-Iraqi terrorists."
"Hours after the deaths of the four Americans civilians who were dragged from their vehicle and mutilated in Fallujah on Wednesday, an American general went before reporters in Baghdad with the air of measured assurance that has characterized every daily briefing on the military situation across Iraq...But along with the confidence, there are hints that American generals are not as sure as they were only weeks ago that they have turned a corner in the conflict.
Nor do the scenes from Fallujah on Wednesday - Iraqis mutilating American bodies, and crowds cheering at the sight - appear to fit the theory put forward by the American military that foreigners, rather than Iraqi supporters of Saddam Hussein, are increasingly behind terrorist attacks...On Feb. 8, U.S. Officials produced a document that became known as the "Zarqawi letter," in which, they said, a man they believed to be responsible for the bombing of U.N. headquarters in Iraq and other major attacks urged al-Qaeda leaders to support further terrorist attacks aimed at provoking a civil war in Iraq - and halting American progress toward the establishment of a Western-style democratic state.
Questions remain about the letter, including whether the writer really was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian-born Islamic militant, a fact the Americans said they had independently corroborated...the letter... provided the Americans with a ready-made template for their new interpretation of the war...Virtually every briefing for reporters tied developments in the war to the growing role of the Islamic militants, including non-Iraqi Muslims infiltrating Iraq from elsewhere in the Islamic world, and the receding threat from what military jargon calls "FREs," or former regime elements, meaning loyalists of Hussein.
In urging this view of the conflict, American generals and senior officials...have struggled to explain elements of the situation that have seemed not quite to fit this theory.
While blaming Islamic militants... they have not been able to provide any strong evidence that the Islamists, and not supporters of Hussein, were responsible."
We need only to ask one critical question to give additional support to the possibility, if not the likelihood, that Saddam Hussein is not really the man the United States has in custody.
The question is, "Why have the devoted, even tattooed Hussein loyalists, who have been waging this relentless war against the United States not made a single demand for the release of their self-declared "Lion of Iraq," Saddam Hussein?"
One would expect that such a committed band of loyalists would have expressed just a little bit of longing for their beloved leader to be set free, if not at the very least, that he be treated with greater dignity? Since the supposed capture of Saddam Hussein on Dec. 13, ‘03 not a word of protest or indignation has been heard from his loyalist camp.
The front page headline of the Colorado Springs Gazette declared the same silence from the supposedly captive Saddam Hussein himself when it declared, "Saddam not talking, U.S. says."
I propose that either Iraq has produced a silent Saddam Hussein and a new breed of uncaring loyalists or else Saddam is known by his followers to still be at large and in power and will one day in the not too distant future "come up like a lion from the flooding of the Jordan against the habitation of the strong..." as is prophesied in Jer. 50:44.
For more information on this subject please review our RW messages titled, "Has Saddam really been caught," "Catching a cab with Saddam" and "God will use Israel to break the nation of Iraq."
Perhaps, as this question of Saddam's uncaring loyalists becomes more burdensome to evade we will see this flaw of the well intentioned yarn spinners corrected in the future and the loyalists will be said to be demanding the release of Saddam. This will in no way detract from the fact that as of this message it has been over 3 ½ months since Saddam's so- called capture without a peep or a care from his followers that he is imprisoned by infidel enemies.
The issue is only whether or not the prophecies of Iraq and her king are being correctly interpreted by myself or not. I understand perfectly why misinformation must be utilized in such a war as we are witnessing and nothing will change the horrible course of prophesied events about to be initiated in Iraq and throughout the Middle East.
These are the last days and today is the day to find refuge in God by trusting with faith in the shed blood of God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.